The first level of the first trollface quest

Trollface quest is a game created by ppllaayy and A4 games and also spill games. This game is a playeble game, while the The Trollface game wasn't. In this game, you don't play Trollface, but a Stickdude. (see picture.) you'll play trough a plenty of weird levels made by Trollface, wich the most of them are a little tricky to get trough, but if you are smart enough, you will beat the game. If you want to play 1 of the 16 games, this is the best one.

Games Edit

Those games are created by PPLLAAYY. See here [1]

Name Rated Versions
Trollface quest NBA Pc
Trollface quest 2 NBA Pc
Trollface quest 3 NBA Pc
Trollface quest 4 NBA Pc
Trollface quest 5 NBA Pc
Trollface quest sports
Pc , iphone
Trollface quest Unlucky
Pc , iphone
Troll tale NBA Pc
Failman NBA Pc
Trollface defence NBA Pc
Trollface Launch NBA Pc
Trollface launch 2 NBA Pc
Toilet Success NBA Pc
Bear grills NBA Pc
Trollface quest video memes NBA i phone
TrollTube NBA PC and IPhone

Is Edit

not created by PPLLAAYY

Name Rated Versions
FUUUU the game NBA Pc
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