there all items in Trollface quest games .

trollface quest 1


is the television and is a parody of panasonic, haves one button , antenna on the top   and cables. When this open,  shows a trollface with red twirl cheeks,who says " Do you like games ? " " I want to play a game with you" that tv apperances on Level 1 and Level 20.On level 1 says " turn off tv to get to next level " But on Level 20 after that chat, the guy screams " NOOOOOOOOOO " and runs away.



The blue and red pill are apperance on Level 2,The man holds two pills (one blue and one red ). the guy eats one pill, and when eats one of those,gets the color of the pill and dies. when click on his eyes, gets and the two, and puts them on his eyes and runs around.


the key is color gold yellow, and apperances on Level 3. When this clicked, the guy takes the key and puts them on his eye. ( he dosen't to open the door )

flower pot

The flower pot is blue with green leaves, Apperances on Level 3, the guy piss on the pot and the plant eat his head. ( he dosen't open the boy's bathroom )


Untitled drawing by gamingideas21-d8xixa9

the sprite

the airmask is black with holes with eyes and breath for the mouth. apperances on Level 4.When you click the guy 5 times and show heself with the mask. when you complete the pipe, dances around of gas.

fire on wood

The fire on wood haves 7 logs what those are white to brown, and orange fire on the top. Apperances on Level 5. Is the srite of the guy is on the fire.